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Stan Iordanov, Axelle Stiefel

Friday, 02.07.2010


Film Screening
Ian Rodney Wooldridge

Ian Rodney Wooldridge, a British filmmaker based in London and currently working in Zurich, will screen four recent works:

— Untitled (2010) A work in progress 4min

"The main film to be screened is a work in progress that assembles 4 males to produce an aesthetic harmony through movement. The movement in the film and the strategies applied to the edit form were developed with a disjointed wit from the swing of a pendulum and ideas around the pendulum's hypnotic powers. A fifth, core element that represents the physical pendulum is a sculpture by the Artist Rich Gasper."

Untitled (2010)

Two collaborations with Hannah Martin for showstudio.com
— Vincent (2008) 1min30
— Untitled (2009) 1min30

— The Tuba (2009) 5min
— To Ape and to Parrot (2008) 10min

Posted by Urs Lehni