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2018 / 201803 / 201804 / Ausstellung
A proposition by
Donatella Bernardi
for Corner College:
From Abdizuel to Zymeloz

Donatella Bernardi
2018 / 201803 / Ausstellung
Event: Donatella Bernardi
From Abdizuel to Zymeloz
After Carla Lonzi and Ketty La Rocca

Donatella Bernardi, Claire Fontaine, Elisabeth Joris, Sally Schonfeldt

Tuesday, 25.10.2011


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

From the rear jacket cover of the book: “In this book Christoph Menke attempts to explain art´s sovereign power over reason without falling into an error common to Adorno´s negative dialectics and Derrida´s deconstruction. The error, which appeared earlier in romanticism, is to conceive of the sovereignty of art as a reflection of the superiority of its knowledge. For art entails no knowledge, and its negativity toward reason cannot be articulated as an insight into the nature of reason: Art is sovereign not despite, but because of, its autonomy.”

During this Theory Tuesdays session we will be plunging directly into the 5th chapter of Menke´s book – the chapter titled: “Aesthetic Sovereignty”. Ideally, the ensuing discussion will try to at once outline core elements of Menke´s argument in relation to aesthetic sovereignty, Adorno, and Derrida, and also to “wrestle-out” the possible implications of these ideas with regards to both producing and viewing visual art today.

> Aesthetic Sovereignty

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