Oktober 2015
07.10.2015 -
Shipwreck Study Notes
(What Rises From the Depths Cannot Help But Break the Surface)

Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni
Artist Talk / Ausstellung / Sound Intervention / Workshop
Shipwreck Study Notes Marathon Session: Artist Talk, Wreckship, Musicking, Dinner
Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni
Buchvernissage / Diskussion / Lesung
Christian Saehrendt: Gefühlige Zeiten. Die Zwanghafte Sehnsucht nach dem Echten
Christian Saehrendt, Stefan Wagner

20,00 Uhr


Charlotte Cheetham

Album 1 - From Kunstkammers to Vanitas

Charlotte Cheetham is a french curator of graphic design and runs the blog manystuff.org. She will visit Corner College and have a lecture about her exploration and promotion of graphic design. Her practice, constantly redefined, is based on an experimental approach embodied in publishing experiences, in exhibition moments, and in a flow of information over the Internet. Working on interpretation, on reinterpretation, she is interested in the thinking process - multi-disciplinary, poetic, experimental and surprising - that leads to the final "form".

Posted by Stefan Wagner