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16.03.2018 -
2018 / 201803 / 201804 / Ausstellung
A proposition by
Donatella Bernardi
for Corner College:
From Abdizuel to Zymeloz

Donatella Bernardi
2018 / 201803 / Ausstellung
Event: Donatella Bernardi
From Abdizuel to Zymeloz
After Carla Lonzi and Ketty La Rocca

Donatella Bernardi, Claire Fontaine, Elisabeth Joris, Sally Schonfeldt

Tuesday, 06.03.2012


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

Film: Un Homme Qui Dort (A Man Asleep)

A young student (Jacques Speisser) decides to have no more interaction with the world than is needed to minimally sustain life. His increasingly automaton-like behavior is coupled with a strange clarity of insight about the world around him. His inner musings, as he wanders the luminous streets of Paris, are narrated in the form of an unwritten diary by Ludmila Mikael. A sublime and sometimes terrifying film about existentialism and ennui, Queysanne’s masterpiece won the 1974 Vigo prize.

“Un Homme Qui Dort” is based on the novel by George Perec who was a member of OuLiPo Group (L' Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle). OuLiPo also included members such as Marcel Duchamp, Italo Calvino, Oskar Pastior or Raymond Queneau.

Directed by Georges Perec & Bernard Queysanne
Total Running Time: 77 Minutes
Language: English

Posted by Philip Matesic