April 2015
23.04.2015 -
Spooky Action at a Distance
(Artes Mechanicae and Witch's Cradle)

Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Andreas Marti, Conor McFeely, Mareike Spalteholz
Écriture Collective - Reading Fiction and Its Theoretical Monster Prodigies
Jorge Luis Borges, A New Refutation of Time
Corner College Collective

Mai 2015
Machination, or The Spectre of the Invisible Hand
Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, Caroline Palla
Zwischen Operationssphäre und Horizonterweiterung. Eine Annäherung an einen für die Kunstgeschichte relevanten Maschinenbegriff
Heiko Schmid
The Slowness of Writing as a Way of Reading
A Curious Amalgam of Voices

Delphine Chapuis Schmitz

20,00 Uhr


Criticism of Measure: God and the Naked Woman
Benoît Maire

Aesthetics of Differends, section 1, detail, photo credit: MNAM-Centre Pompidou

Since 2008 Benoît Maire has started writing a manual of aesthetics where images, objects and writing take form to bring forth some of contemporary aesthetics’ main issues. Starting from the differend (insurmountable conflict) between saying and seeing, Benoît Maire works in an in-between where art and philosophy merge into a practical use where forms spread out and surpass one another. Neither philosophy, nor art, the Aesthetics of Differends looks to corrupt classical formats by the experimental use of theory. This reading in Zurich will be based on the relationship between liberalism, nudity, pleasure and language to propose a criticism of measure: the work and thoughts of Manet, Masacio, God, Perry Anderson, Catherine Malabou, Jean-François Lyotard, Bruno Bostells and Judith Butler will notably be at stake.

Posted by Stefan Wagner