Mai 2018
05.05.2018 -
2018 / 201805 / Ausstellung
Hinterland, Part 1
The eyes of the lighthouse

Anne-Laure Franchette, Gabriel Gee, Cliona Harmey, Monica Ursina Jäger, Salvatore Vitale, VOLUMES
2018 / 201805 / Präsentation
Turkey: Art in Troubled Times, 2018
An open talk with Asena Günal, Istanbul

Asena Günal, Anke Hoffmann

Juni 2018
02.06.2018 -
2018 / 201806 / Ausstellung
Hinterland, Part 2
Blood as a rover

Jürgen Baumann, Gregory Collavini, Anne-Laure Franchette, Gabriel Gee, David Jacques, Tuula Närhinen, Claudia Stöckli, VOLUMES

Tuesday, 20.11.2012


Each One, Teach One
Practical Fridays
Philip Matesic

The Boy Mechanic, Vol. 1, Page 338

"Practical Fridays" is a new series of events extending the "Each One, Teach One" philosophy of Theory Tuesdays. Starting in 2013, during the last Friday of each month at Corner College, a volunteer will teach or workshop a practical skill to the group.

Instead of discussion about a specific text or film, we will have a hands on experience of learning something practical. This can take the form of many skills including how to play the Swiss card game "Jassen", sharpen a knife or effectively change a flat bike tire.

We look forward to learning something practical from you in 2013! Please attend the Theory Tuesdays winter planning session on November 20th with your ideas or send suggestions to

Posted by Philip Matesic