Februar 2017
2017 / 201702 / Artist Talk / Diskussion
Screening, artist talks, discussion
With Aya Momose, Robert Estermann, Jakob Jakobsen, Jso Maeder, Saman Anabel Sarabi & Josefine Reisch and the curators

Robert Estermann, Jakob Jakobsen, Jso Maeder, Aya Momose, Saman Anabel Sarabi
2017 / 201701 / Curatorial Reading Group
Curatorial Reading Group
Session 2


März 2017
2017 / 201703 / Diskussion / Installation
Temporary video installation The Judgment by Kosta Tonev, presentation and discussion with the artist
Kosta Tonev
2017 / 201703 / Performance
INTERMEZZO (locus solus)
First visit

Jso Maeder
2017 / 201703 / Performance
INTERMEZZO (locus solus)
Second visit

Jso Maeder
2017 / 201703 / Buchvernissage / Finissage
Finissage of Theorem 4. Aesthetic Agency and the Practices of Autonomy
Part II: Der Prozess / The Trial
With a reading from the book Josefine, by Saman Anabel Sarabi / high times

Saman Anabel Sarabi

Tuesday, 27.09.2016
12:00h -
Thursday, 29.09.2016


2016 / 201609 / Performance
A ritual of transformation
(3-day long-durational performance and streaming)

Alicia Velázquez

Durational performance on 27 - 28 - 29 September.

Open to the public during the following hours:
Tuesday, 27 September: 12:00h - 17:00h (streaming 14:00h - 15:00h)
Wednesday, 28 September: 12:00h - 17:00h (streaming 14:00h - 15:00h)
Thursday, 29 September: 16:00h - 21:00h (streaming 20:00h - 21:00h)

Link for the streaming, for those who cannot attend in person:
https://youtu.be/KLJbdMmpzeM (27 Sept)
https://youtu.be/79Gj5rkqPjY (28 Sept)

Followed by a public live event on Thursday, 29 September at 20:00h.

One hair is trash. Million hairs is a woven record of my self.

I regularly lose a lot of hair.

Often, I’d get lost in thoughts while twisting it.

As hairs slide off, small rings form around my finger.

I started collecting the rings.

I decided to take this ritual into a public performance.

One Hair One Purpose is a 3-day long-durational performance taking this daily ritual into a conscious act of transformation.

Losing myself, repurposing myself, I invite the audience to co-experience and participate in the destruction and rebuilding of (my) physical transformation.

One hair, the simple, single element that makes any transformation possible. It always starts with one thought, one action, the celebration of one disposable event.

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