Friday, 03.10.2008


Temporary Bookshop
Soirée Motto #5: Uovo Open Office Basel
Chiara Figone

Uovo is a quarterly magazine which offers an independent point of view on contemporary art.

Uovo isue 18

Referential material

Uovo No. 18 has been created during Uovo Open Office Basel, in the occasion of the art fairs period in june 2008. Artists were invited in a space to create site specific works and record interviews. The whole process has been documented and later assembled in the current issue of Uovo. Various documentation elements will be presented for the launch, in presence of the publisher Chiara Figone. Artists presented in the issue include: Giorgio Andreotta Caló, Darri Lorenzen, David Nuur, Jorge Peris, Reto Pulfer, Yorgos Tsapountzis.

Issue 18 spread

Posted by Urs Lehni