Friday, 01.05.2009


Pretty Ambitious IV
"Lonesome Cowboys" und
"Conversation Piece"


Showroom hat für Corner College eine vierteilige Serie von Double Features zusammengestellt. Von Egija Inzule, Tobias Kaspar und Andrea Legiehn.
Montag 6. / 20. / 27. April und Samstag 2. Mai

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Pretty Ambitious (IV)
Samstag 2. Mai 2009, 19 Uhr
Mit einer Einführung von Tobias Kaspar

Film 1:

"Jeans is still clean, silk clean shirt. I like this, this is nice. That’s a little crisp." --- "Maybe another year or so and you’ll be able to get a gun." --- "Can’t wait." --- "Yeah, no more knifes. Put some struts on. I put some struts today." --- "Did you?" --- "Put it on your belt. And then stretch your pants a bit … leg exercise. So that when you get a gun that you have something to hold them up, you know. Do some sort of …" --- "What kind of exercise could you suggest?" --- "Well, a exercise is to build up your thugs, so that when you get the gun, you know, so that you can hold it down, you have something to hold it up. So you do some sort of … we have this exercise that builds up your … so that you have more … you know you can do a lot …" --- "How long you gonna do that for?" --- "Daily, you know, tike this, doing things like this …" --- "I can’t do this." --- "Yeah, sure. It’s … holds them right up there. You can do all sorts of things … from something here, something there. And …" --- "Can I go for that?" --- "Oh sure. It puts wheat on your buns, you know … all angles."

- Dialogue from "Lonesome Cowboys"

Lonesome Cowboys

Directed by Andy Warhol
Written by Paul Morissey
Starring Julian Burrough and Joe Dalesandro
USA 1969 — English — 101min

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Film 2:

"Conversation Piece is a film I’d recommend you to see. But remember one thing: it really has to do with the theme you are not likely to find elsewhere: shallow understanding of nothing and profound understanding of everything." —

"One can delightedly say it does exist … it does exist … even more dangerously today than ever before, because it’s camouflage."

Conversation Piece

Directed by Luchino Visconti
Written by Enrico Medioli
Starring Burt Lancaster, Helmut Berger and Silvana Mangano
Italy, France 1974
English 121min

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