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Tuesday, 16.03.2010


When Europe Speaks with One Voice
Listening Session & Presentation

Dani Gal, Achim Lengerer

"voiceoverhead" is an ongoing project by Achim Lengerer (Germany/Netherlands) and Dani Gal (Israel/Germany) that deals with performative aspects of speech, sound documents and archived spoken language. In the past years "voiceoverhead" realized exhibitions and performances in close collaboration with other visual artists, musicians and filmmakers in various venues such as INSA ART SPACE, Seoul; SMART Project Space, Amsterdam; PORTIKUS, Frankfurt am Main and  DEUTSCHE GUGGENHEIM, Berlin.

voiceoverhead Performance, Insa Art Space, Seoul (KR) and Portikus (DE), 2007

During the evening Lengerer and Gal will play two sound compositions while presenting their collaborative project:

"Relational view" (2007)
The documentation of a visit Gal and Lengerer made to the London studio of the British artist William Furlong. The work is a reference to Furlong's  Audio Arts archive of interviews with artists and to his own sound pieces.

"The ballot or the bullet" (2009)
The recording of a live-performance at the 2nd Herzliya Biennale in Israel in which the artists worked with the montaging and layering of different sound and spoken language documents.

When Europe Speaks with One Voice

Die Veranstaltungsreihe untersucht die strategische Verwendung von historischem Material im Rahmen künstlerischer Praxen. Anhand von Vorträgen soll thematisiert werden, wie bildende Künstler gegenwärtig historisches Material benutzen um aktuelle Diskurse zu befragen oder zu unterminieren, und welche narrativen Modelle von (Kunst-)Geschichte dieser Beschäftigung zugrunde liegen.

When Europe Speaks with One Voice wird veranstaltet von Lucie Kolb und Romy Rüegger.

Posted by Stefan Wagner