Saturday, 24.04.2010


Creative Anthropomorphism --
Animal Forms of Sociality and Cross Species Desires

Prof. Judith Jack Halberstam

Based on ideas inspired from her involvement in an Animal Studies group, Judith Jack Halberstam will discuss human-animal bonds, intimacies and antagonisms, about animal forms of sociality and cross species desires among other things.

On the website of "Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) – Du Tier! (Ich Mensch)" you will find an interview with Prof. Judith Jack Halberstam made by Cathérine Hug in the context of the project.

Professor Judith Jack Halberstam (Photo: Mathias Danbolt)

See also some of Judith Halberstam's published texts on related topics:
-- Modern Love?
-- Life Off the Leash. Or, Confessions of a Petophobe

This event, part of Ich Tie! (Du Mensch) – Du Tier! (Ich Mensch), is curated by Cathérine Hug and Isabel Reiss.

Posted by Stefan Wagner