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Kino / Konzert
Gian-Reto Gredig, Dino Rossi

A rather new medium of interaction between bands and fans are unofficial videos, or “UnVids.” As opposed to traditional industry promotion techniques (label produces album/video, fan watches video/buys album), this new mode of promotion is nonlinear, and potentially self reinforcing. The following example is one illustration of this:

Several months ago, Dino Rossi made an UnVid for the band Coma Cinema. The video quickly received thousands of views after being picked up by a number of music blogs. On a recent visit to the website of Coma Cinema’s label, Dino was surprised to find the unofficial video he had made being used by the label to promote the band.


This is a one example of a complete UnVid cycle: an unofficial video made for a song that was found on a blog, which then ends up on the official label website promoting the band. This represents a new degree of intimacy between the band, label and fan, which until recently was not possible. The degree of involvement of a fan in the production of a music video is far greater than entering an address into google earth and then watching what happens, as in the “interactive” Arcade Fire video. Through the production of UnVids, fans become creative participants rather than merely consumers. Through this production a symbiotic relationship between band and fan is created. In instances where the song did not previously have a video, the video has the potential to become the primary source of publicity for the band as more and more people search for music through sites like youtube and vimeo.

The role of unofficial videos in the promotion of young bands is underestimated. Until recently, there was no forum devoted to the phenomenon of UnVids. This phenomenon developed independently of any music industry infrastructures and continues to independently evolve and grow.


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"UnVids" is organised by Gian-Reto Gredig and Dino Rossi in collaboration with Corner College.

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Posted by Stefan Wagner