Friday, 11.11.2011


PUBLIC ISSUES is an independant international web-journal focusing on questions around curatorial practice and theory. The newest free downloadable edition deals with aspects of the public sphere, public space, and public art in seven different metropolises around the world. The point of departure was a competition that was held for a master plan for public art in the new Europaallee district in the centre of Zurich, the first such plan in Switzerland.

The newest edition of On-curating

What functions does public art claim to fulfil in the given economic and social context? What understanding of the public sphere underlies public art? And how does it create room for public activities? We are interested, taking the globally networked space of Europaallee as a starting point, in broadening our perspective and putting up for discussion how artists, curators, urbanists, and cultural studies experts in other cities think and act. This edition of is a mosaic consisting of different perspectives of different authors from different disciplines from different big cities across the globe. It creates a picture of what the public sphere, public space, and public art can mean today against the background of regional conditions.

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The issue will be first introduced and afterwards followed by cakes, coffee and tea. Everybody who wants to join the discussion about the shifts in Zurichs urban development is warmly invited.

Posted by Stefan Wagner