Monday, 28.11.2011


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

The Café Society (Part II of II)


During this second session, The Café Society will start by opening up a discussion about the reader and experience of using "Lines" to respond to the texts. This session will add a new level of engagement to Theory Tuesdays, in that there will be a discussion around the actual use of the "Lines" application in response to the texts, alongside a more traditional discussion. We will conclude with questions, comments and critique. The session will be held in English.

The Café Society (Lukas Zimmer & Anthon Astrom) work on the topic of on-screen reading/writing. They create frameworks – rule sets – based on how reading, writing and organization of textual information could work differently. As our daily reading habits change, so must our writing habits and the way we communicate, and ultimately the way we think. Authoring is becoming curating, and the expression of the in-between gains importance over content.

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