Monday, 09.01.2012


Soirée Video
Nicole Bachmann

Still from Dave Charlesworth: Wander (Walker), 2011

Nicole Bachmann is an artist based in London and Zürich. She suggests a choice of different films. She writes:

"The choice of films reflects what is being produced in London at the moment. There is a strong narrative element which coincides or collides with the images showed alongside. A sort of video essay but maybe with a more de-constructionalist twist which plays on language and imagery and how they go together. A narrative voice accompanies the viewer through the film taking her along the story albeit it being associative and not a straight line. One exception presents EP Park's film where communication and narration are made difficult."

The following films will be screened:

Dave Charlesworth
Wander (Walker) (2011) 9'25''
The Wander (Walker) takes us on a walk through history and memory. A male narrator recites the story while photographs interchange quickly. "The photographs provide a guide to an off-kill of history"

EP Park
A Friend of Mine (2011) 6'09''
A film made out of filmstills with obscure texts and varying levels of possible reading.

Ralph Dorey
Sunk In (2011) 8'
Ralph Dorey's film deals with the concept of film and how things are constructed. But also with the question of what is an inner and outer structure and how to make them visible.

Annie Davey
no title or length yet
Annie Davey's film is a narrative that takes us on a journey having as starting point a contemporary building in London. On her way she visits a modernist icon and recounts her experience.

All films and artist will be introduced by Nicole Bachmann. Films are in English language with no subtitles.

Posted by Stefan Wagner