Monday, 27.02.2012


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

Space - Place - Society: Are we all suburbanized?

During this session, Maarit Ströbele will be presenting three texts on the topic of "The Suburban". Departing from the Suburban as an important type of daily living environment, the three chosen texts will introduce ways of thinking about space and society. Robert Fishman analyses suburbia in a historical perspective, Thomas Sieverts writes about the contemporary (1991) European cityscape, and Prigge presents aspects of Lefebvre's conceptualization of space.

The session will be held in English.

> Suburban Text 1 - Fishman
> Suburban Text 2a - Sieverts
> Suburban Text 2b - Sieverts
> Suburban Text 3 - Prigge

Posted by Philip Matesic