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What's In A Band?
Eyes, Ears, Mouth & Nose!

Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Anthony Faroux, Rochelle Fry, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Sam Porritt, Elia Rediger, Monika Stalder, Magaly Tornay, Maria Zahle


Q. What's in a band?
A. It's members.
Q. Can anyone be a member?
A. Pretty much, yes. Well actually no, not really. Yes and no. If they come with the right attitude and make the existing members of the band feel good, then yes, otherwise no.
Q. How do the band members decide if the new person makes them feel good?
A. Because the band members know each other, their likes and dislikes, and because there's intimacy and trust between them. Maybe that's what makes a band?

For one week the band Squares & Triangles will be in residence at Corner College. During this time they will make an album. Their stay will culminate in a performance to mark the release of the album on Friday the 6th of July. For this event they will be joined by the artist and musician Sara Nunes Fenandes who will play part of the set she toured Israel with earlier in the year.

S. & T. are a music group that formed in the south of Sweden during the summer of 2007, it consists of visual artists who are mainly based in London. Its changing lineup of participants and collaborators revolves around its core members, Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Anthony Faroux, Sam Porritt and Maria Zahle.

To complement the project there will be a number of talks and screenings.


Tuesday 3rd of July 7-9pm
A discussion between artist and musician Elia Rediger (The Bianca Story) and artist Sam Porritt about 'risk', 'performance' and 'popular music'. Following this, Sara Nunes Fernandes will give a lecture/performance; "Laika the space dog, The Blob, and other short stories".

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Wednesday 4th of July 7-9pm,
Artist Dustin Ericksen will talk about The Red Krayola, art bands and the L.A. music scene during the 70', 80'and 90's. Then Zürich-based historian Magaly Tornay will discuss aspects of her Ph.D. on the history of psychoactive drugs and personhood since the 1950's. Her talk will include rarely seen archive footage, not to be missed!

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Friday 6th of July, 9pm
Squares & Triangles (with special guest Colin Min Sai) play Corner College. Doors open from 8pm. Specially made food courtsey chef de partie Moniker Stalder, all welcome!

Graphic design and printing by Lehni-Trüb and Holger Wilkens. Organized by Sam Porritt and Stefan Wagner.

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