Monday, 08.10.2012


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

3 Years / 100 Sessions

"Nicolas Bourriaud" by Navid Tschopp

October 9th marks the three-year birthday and 100th session of Theory Tuesdays. To celebrate this unexpected longevity of the discussion group, Corner College will be hosting a special event. The discussion table and chairs will be folded up and replaced with a ping pong table. The weekly back and forth between the participants will be transformed into a "Rundlauf / Round-the-table" ping pong tournament.

10 ping pong paddles have been illustrated for the occasion, by Swiss artist Navid Tschopp, with the faces of philosophers, critics and thinkers that have fueled Theory Tuesdays discussions over the years. A "Theory Tuesdays 100" publication will also be released, highlighting the occasional scan blooper found in the Theory Tuesdays .pdf archive. Please stop by and participate in the celebration of 3 years / 100 sessions of Theory Tuesdays!

Posted by Philip Matesic