Sunday, 28.10.2012


Nick Thurston

This evening of poetry readings will feature works from the loose and emergent field known as ‘conceptual writing’. Practioners in this field have come to understand the conversations about conceptual writing as being unresolved somewhere between poetics and aesthetics via new media theory. Following that trans-disciplinary spirit, and in keeping with the Intermedia precedents for this kind of writing, Nick will perform readings from his own published works and other’s.

Sucking on Words' sound poetry event, Whitechapel Gallery, London, February 2012. Photo courtesy of the gallery

A renewed interest in the effects of networked technologies on the semantics, syntaxes and labour processes of contemporary writing will be the focus, following Nick’s basic research project of writing on the inside of contemporary art onto the outside of the register of literature. Any conversations about how these media also effect distribution and reading experiences will be a very welcome bonus!

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Organized by Lucie Kolb & Romy Rüegger

Posted by Stefan Wagner