Wednesday, 13.02.2013


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Printemps Érable
Studentenproteste in Québec

√Črik Bordeleau

The strength of Printemps érable-protests is rooted in anonymity. The movement allows the common to flow through dispersal, reaching into the solitude of each protester. Each one recognizes her situation in that of the others; affective resonance is transmuted to a point of fusion. Repression can only break up linear collectivities; here, at every turn, at every corner, the common returns in a swarm.

Still from Printemps √Črable

In the wake of the Quebec student movement against tuition hikes an entire public mobilization has lead to a resurgence and insurgence of active political engagement of Quebec's population in spring 2012. The protests tie together not only problems of a culture of indebted men but also environmental and social issues throughout all strata of society. Insurgence is an expression, a movement of thought becoming a movement of felt sensation. Based on struggles against social isolation for the last decades Printemps Érable underlines contemporary transversal modes of activism beyond ideological boundaries making the complexity of relation felt in their emergence(y). Writer, theorist and activist Érik Bordeleau will show the film "Insurgence" followed by a discussion with the audience.

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