Monday, 04.03.2013


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

Manon de Boer

By now, art is probably seen more on Facebook walls than real-life ones. Why is it that the growing importance of the digital does not have a similar impact on the contents of works of art, as it has on the way they are presented?

Claire Bishop, professor at City University of New York and well known for her critical reactions to Nicolas Bourriauds thoughts on Relational Aesthetics, deals with this question in "Digital Divide", an essay written for the September 2012 issue of Artforum.

After a short introduction and a brief summary of the text (and some responses to it), the discussion could evolve around the following questions: Why do we separate media arts and digital arts from more conventional media, even exhibiting them in specialized institutions? Will art eventually be left behind by the fast developments within the digital realm? Or can it rather be a tool to counter the predominance of the digital?

This session has been proposed by Daniel Morgenthaler and will be held in English.

> Digital Divide - Claire Bishop
> Digital Divide - Response 1
> Digital Divide - Response 2

Posted by Philip Matesic