Thursday, 30.05.2013


A philosophical symposium with work and work in progress by international scholars and thinkers

Christian Hänggi, Julia Hölzl, Luce deLire / benedikt wahner, Daniel Marti, Jacob Miller, Saman Anabel Sarabi, Gian Trepp

Intervention 2012

Interventions is an informal and open symposium that allows scholars and thinkers to present their recently finished work and their work in progress. Interventions thrives on the unexpected juxtapositions and clashes that result from addressing a wide range of philosophical and political issues such as autonomy, economy, finitude, aporias, capitalism, and many more. Interventions does not limit itself to a specific discipline and welcomes all intriguing papers from Switzerland and abroad.


14:00 Methods of tricksters in Húsavík, or: how to find new forms of intervening. Anabel Sarabi

14:45 Remembering Mnemosyne. Jacob Miller

15:30 On Thinking. Julia Hölzl

16:15 Appropriation: Ich und […] die Frage der Aneignung. Daniel Marti

17:00 Perhaps this time we have gone too far. Luce deLire / benedikt wahner

17:45 “When the Forms of Musick change, ’tis a Promise of civil Disorder.” Christian Hänggi

18:30 Geo-strategic vectors influencing the crossing of the Central Alps in the High Middle Ages. Gian Trepp

19:30 Barbecue

For full program see PDF below.

Interventions is organized by Christian Hänggi.

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