Tuesday, 30.07.2013


A philosophical symposium with work and work in progress by international scholars and thinkers

Cara Judea Alhadeff, John Calvelli, Balz Isler, Deneige Nadeau, Peter Price, Dennis Schep


Interventions is an informal and open symposium that allows scholars and thinkers to present their recently finished work and their work in progress. Interventions thrives on the unexpected juxtapositions and clashes that result from addressing a wide range of philosophical and political issues such as autonomy, economy, finitude, aporias, capitalism, and many more. Interventions does not limit itself to a specific discipline and welcomes all intriguing papers from Switzerland and abroad.

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14:30 TBA. Peter Price

15:15 first person view: overserving. imitating. implying. imagining. Balz Isler

16:00 A Bibliography of Emotions. Deneige Nadeau

16:45 Hard Eyes, Myopic Eyes and Weeping Eyes: Cixous and Derrida. Dennis Schep

17:30 Vulnerability as Quotidian Intervention. Cara Judea Alhadeff

18:15 Preparing for the Bottleneck: Wall-E and the Management of Human Finitude. John Calvelli

19:00 and onward: barbecue at Corner College

For detailed program see below.

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After the first INTERVENTIONS at end of May this will be the second edition organized by Christian Hänggi at Corner College.

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