Friday, 23.08.2013


Performing Surfaces: notating the extremities of intensity
Nicole De Brabandere


Using techniques of pencil drawing in conjunction with the 'Universal Pain Assessment Scale' and clay modeling, this workshop will engage in notating the sensations of everyday surfaces. The sensory registers of tactility, weight and felt resistance and the specific surface character of the surfaces being notated will morph into a hybrid sensory representations of the body. This approach to drawing and modeling is dramatically different from typical figurative representations that reduce the body to impermeable outlines. Moreover, these sensation techniques lend a great deal of complexity and multiplicity to how sensations can be described and felt as compared to conventional analytic parameters that only measure sensation according to a linear scale of intensity. The sensory notation techniques that we will explore and develop in the workshop will instead instigate a complex, generative and relational approach to conceptualizing embodied experience.

Workshop starts at 2pm and takes 3 1/2 hrs. Please wear clothes that can get dirty (or bring a skirt).

A detailed examination of De Brabandere's research processes can be found on the Research Catalogue and on her website.

Posted by Stefan Wagner