Monday, 11.11.2013


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

During this Theory Tuesdays session, Christoph Brunner will be presenting the essay "Collective Desire and the Pathology of the Individual" by Jodi Dean from the book "The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part One" edited by Arne De Boever and Warren Neidich.

In her essay, Dean investigates the relation between what she calls the pathological conception of the individual as form (similar to the commodity as form) and the potential for emergent collective desires. For Dean, collective desire should become a want for dissensual collectivity and differential activity, beyond the pathology of the individual.

It's encouraged that you read the essay beforehand.

> Collective Desire and the Pathology of the Individual

Posted by Philip Matesic