Monday, 09.12.2013


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

Still from “The Beauty of My Island – Shooting Klaus Lutz”

During this Theory Tuesdays session, Ian Rodney Wooldridge will be screening the documentary film “The Beauty of My Island – Shooting Klaus Lutz” directed by Frank Matter.

In August 1999, Klaus Lutz collaborated with filmmaker Frank Matter on a documentary about his work. For ten days, they locked themselves up in Lutz’s apartment in New York’s East Village to create the film. Klaus Lutz is a unique filmmaker who creates a visual universe completely his own.

«The Beauty of My Island – Shooting Klaus Lutz» is a silent examination of an artist’s unique working process, a playful, charming, and in its own way often funny reflection on illusion and perception, movement and speed, light and darkness, shape and color, film and video.

Duration: 33 minutes
Production: Switzerland/USA (1999)
Language: English​

Posted by Philip Matesic