Monday, 14.04.2014


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic


During this Theory Tuesdays session, Pablo Müller will give a brief introduction to the essay „Cultural Logic of Criticality“ by Marina Vishmidt and we will collectively discuss the main arguments.

In "The Cultural Logic of Criticality", Marina Vishmidt is concerned with charting the emergence of ‚criticality’ as a technology of legitimation and power in contemporary art institutions and proximate discourses. ‚Criticality’ is examined as a ‚cultural logic’ and compared to different philosophical iterations of critique. Cybernetic theory provides her a model for analyzing how critique becomes functional to the maintenance of existing states of affairs. Finally, other potential avenues for critique as rhetorical stance and praxis are evaluated through case studies.

The session will be held in English and it's encouraged that you read the essay (in English) beforehand, to participate in the discussion.

> The Cultural Logic of Criticality

Posted by Stefan Wagner