Sunday, 27.04.2014


Immediations – Urban Fabric, Infrastructure, Ecology
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Immediations is an international transdiciplinary research network. From April 26-29 the EU-participants of the Partnership Research Grant Immediations: Art, Media, Event will experiment collaboratively investigating the notion of the urban fabric along questions of emergence, infrastructure, metamodelization, and ecology.

For the participants the urban fabric is a loose term pertaining to the interstices between infrastructures, materialities, cultural practices and their relation to artistic, architectural, design, and philosophical concerns. Coming from different backgrounds and sharing a strong interest in transversal and collaborative practices, they will engage in interventions, readings, cooking, living, meandering, writing and diagramming with the aim to articulate what we understand as urban fabric in the immediacy of emergent experience.

On April 28nd you are cordially invited to share our preliminary impressions, ideas, and insights. We consider our research as emergent and our structure as open – come and play with us! There will be presentations, discussions followed by an apéro.

Participants of the workshop are Jamie Allen (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), Amélie Brisson-Darveau (IFCAR, ZHdK), Christoph Brunner (IFCAR, ZHdK), Nicole deBrabandere (IFCAR, ZHdK), Sher Doruff (Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam School of the Arts), Gerko Egert (Freie Universität Berlin), Jonas Fritsch (CAVI, PIT, Aarhus University), Victoria Gray (Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London), Thomas Markussen (Danish Centre for Design Research, Kolding School of Design), Stamatia Portanova (Naples, independent scholar), Bodil-Marie Stavning-Thomsen, (Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University), Annette Svaneklink Jakobsen (Aarhus School of Architecture), Evelyn Wan (Utrecht University), Verena Ziegler (IAD, ZHdK).

Posted by Stefan Wagner