Saturday, 09.08.2014


Sounding bodies – moving sounds II
a music / dance intercultural and interaction project

Lionel Dentan (Dasaz), Namrata Pamnani, Jan Schacher (Jasch), Angela Stoecklin

In performance in the collision of body and movement, electronic sounds and gestures, the domains of music and dance fuse into an expression of an intricate and densely woven web of meaning. Links and dependencies, analogies, similarities and a common movement and sound language are being explored and transformed artistically to create an instant composition. The ultimate state and expression of this union reveals itself as one of intense presence, flow and fusion between the media and art forms.


Jan Schacher (electronic music, interaction technologies), Lionel Dentan (electronic music), Angela Stoecklin (contemporary dance) and Namrata Pamnani (Kathak and cotemporary dance) are searching for a linkage between the non-verbal art forms dance and music, where the body can take on the role of a musical instrument and the electronic music obtains a physical form and expresses motion pattern. They are interested in finding a crossing point where the two art forms become like one. The group works in the field of improvisation, as this is the most direct form of communication and aims for dialogue and equal positioning more than music accompanying dance or dance following the music. Sharing this process and the show with one musician and one dancer from the local context of Delhi, we add the aspects of a culturally informed approach to non-verbal artistic communication.

The show is the continuation of a process which began in November 2013 in Delhi during a residency of Jan Schacher and Angela Stoecklin, during which the four artists met, collaborated and performed together at the Sound Reasons Festival at Alliance Française.

Posted by Stefan Wagner