Monday, 24.11.2014


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic


During this Theory Tuesdays session, Daniel Morgenthaler will be presenting excerpts from "PRESENT SHOCK: When Everything Happens Now" (2013), by Douglas Rushkoff.

“Rushkoff argues that the future is now and we’re contending with a fundamentally new challenge. Whereas Toffler said we were disoriented by a future that was careening toward us, Rushkoff argues that we no longer have a sense of a future, of goals, of direction at all. We have a completely new relationship to time; we live in an always-on “now,” where the priorities of this moment seem to be everything.” (

The text and discussion will be held in English. It's encouraged that you read the excerpts beforehand, to participate in the discussion.

> Present Shock excerpts

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