Thursday, 11.12.2014


Each One, Teach One
Practical Fridays
Philip Matesic

Mandarin 101 - Tiān Rén Hé Yī


During this Practical Fridays session, artist and part-time Mandarin teacher Pei will introduce Mandarin characters and pronunciation.

During the workshop, we will begin with one of the simplest Mandarin characters - 人 Rén (human, person). The goal is to familiarize the participants with the basic components of the Mandarin characters; from the strokes, to the units and finally, the assembly.

We will collectively learn how the characters are formed to depict the pictorial into a meaningful interpretation. To conclude, we will practice groups of initial, final and medial of phoneme with a "four-tone" system, so everyone will then be able to read "PinYing" (the alphabetical spelling of Mandarin). 

The workshop is free, open to the public and will be held in English. No prior experience with Mandarin is necessary.

Posted by Stefan Wagner