Saturday, 23.04.2016
18:00h -
Friday, 06.05.2016


2016 / 201604 / 201605 / Ausstellung
Just Add Water
Carla Doorn, Brandon Farnsworth, Benjamin Ryser, Eva Lin Yingchi

Flyer for the exhibition. Design: code flow.

Just Add Water: A score, a set of instructions. Do this and you'll get that, guaranteed. Fill in the blank and it's done, easy! It's already been prethought for you, precomposed, predetermined. There's a cost of course; it's straightforward, but always the same. Reliable yet totally uninteresting. We need to experiment, see how we can shake things up. Maybe: It's never the same water that gets added in, always slightly different. Alpine water, or imported from China, we've already found some wiggle room. We wiggle some more, stay within our structure, our enabling constraints, but never seem to stop discovering. We begin to tell stories, abstract ones, using our tactics to fashion props, switching between Alpine and Chinese, creating a rhythm, building and breaking expectation. A makeshift stage. Then the illusion collapses; what are we talking about anyway? Who knows, but we felt something, that's the most important. We begin again…
Text: Brandon Farnsworth

A composer, choreographer, dancer, and singer in a performance exhibition at Corner College. Over a two-week period, this interdisciplinary ensemble will perform and experiment, developing an immaterial milieu of feeling and potentiality that will fill the space with its traces.

Curated by Brandon Farnsworth.

Benjamin Ryser, Composer
Brandon Farnsworth, Music Curator
Carla Doorn, Dancer
Eva Lin Yingchi, Choreographer

Vernissage: Sunday, 24 April 2016, starting at 18:00h

Opening Hours
Wednesday, 27 April – Friday, 29 April, 15:00h – 18:00h
Saturday, 30 April + Sunday, 1 May, 17:00h - 20:00h
Wednesday, 4 May – Friday, 6 May, 15:00h – 18:00h
Further performances during opening hours TBA.

Finissage: Saturday, 7 May. Doors open at 17:00h, performance begins at 18:00h.

The project is part of the Corner College platform Transferences: The Function of the Exhibition and Performative Processes in the Practices of Art – Questions of Participation, initiated by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth.

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