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2016 / 201609 / The Artist as The Curator as The Artist
The Artist as The Curator as The Artist
(The Art of Curating or How about a Paracuratorial Turn?)
peekaboo! (Lisa Biedlingmaier & Bernadette Wolbring)
Erica van Loon

peekaboo! (Lisa Biedlingmaier & Bernadette Wolbring), Erica van Loon

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Corner College führt seine Veranstaltungsreihe The Artist as The Curator as The Artist (The Art of Curating or How about a Paracuratorial Turn?) fort.

In der fünften Veranstaltung lädt Corner College das Künstlerinnen-Kuratorinnen-Duo peekaboo!, bestehend aus Lisa Biedlingmaier und Bernadette Wolbring, sowie die Künstlerin Erica van Loon ein, ihre kuratorische Praktiken vorzustellen und untereinander und mit dem Publikum zu diskutieren.

Das kuratorische Konzept der Veranstaltungsreihe von Dimitrina Sevova in Zusammenarbeit mit Alan Roth (auf Englisch):

[Deutsch siehe oben]

Corner College is continuing its series of events The Artist as The Curator as The Artist (The Art of Curating or How about a Paracuratorial Turn?).

In the fifth event, artists das Künstlerinnen-Kuratorinnen-Duo peekaboo!, consisting of Lisa Biedlingmaier and Bernadette Wolbring, as well as artist Erica van Loon are invited to present their curatorial practices and discuss them between themselves and with the audience.

Curatorial concept of the series of events by Dimitrina Sevova in collaboration with Alan Roth:

peekaboo! (Lisa Biedlingmaier & Bernadette Wolbring)

Welche Stellung nimmt man als KünstlerIn im urbanen Raum, der fortwährend von Gentrifizierung bedroht wird, ein? Dieser Raum, der immer auch ein politischer und sozialer Raum ist? Lässt man sich als KünstlerIn für die Aussenwirkung Anderer instrumentalisieren? Beteiligt man sich durch künstlerisches Handeln aktiv an politischen Prozessen?
Neben diesen Fragestellungen, die die Künstlerinnen Lisa Biedlingmaier und Bernadette Wolbring dazu gebracht haben ihre künstlerische Arbeit mit kuratorischen Formaten zu erweitern, werden Erfahrungen über das Arbeiten in Kollektiven und über Synergien, die sich zwischen künstlerischer und kuratorischer Praxis ergeben, ausgetauscht.

Das Künstler-Kuratorinnen-Team peekaboo!, bestehend aus Lisa Biedlingmaier und Bernadette Wolbring, hat sich zusammengetan um gleich einer Band, die an verschiedenen Orten Konzerte spielt, in verschiedenen (Kunst)räumen aufzutreten – in Form von Publikationen, Screenings und Ausstellungen. Da beide in jeweils zwei Ländern leben (Stuttgart / Zürich und Stuttgart / Stockholm), bieten sich dafür internationale Kooperationen an.
2014 bis 2016 lud das Künstler/Kuratoren-duo zu einer Reihe von drei internationalen Gruppenausstellungen ein, in der Absicht einen am Rande des Städtebauprojekts Stuttgart 21 stattfindenden Gentrifizierungsprozess zu thematisieren. 2016 stellte peekaboo! ihre bisherige Tätigkeit im Künstlerhaus Stuttgart im Rahmen des Post-Graduate Program in Curating der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste vor.

Erica van Loon

Installation view of the Breakfast Show, including one of the video works in the exhibition: It’s possibly the only way that I can walk through myself by Rosie Heinrich.

With her recent work, Erica van Loon reflects on the physical interconnection between the human body and that of the earth, but also searches for ways to relate to their less tangible inner worlds, that we access almost exclusively by the mind; like processes inside our planet or the human (sub)conscious.
She often works with repetitive actions or visual and auditory rhythms, that she sees as an instrument for creating a state of mind that intensifies our sensory perception, and with that, our ability to connect with what is outside and inside of us.

In June 2016 Van Loon took this ambition to sharpen the sensory perception, as a starting point for curating the Breakfast Show at project space PuntWG in Amsterdam.

Breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’ of the night. During night-time our attention turns inward and almost all input from the outside is paused. We temporarily shift to another state of mind.
Most of the time, an encounter with an artwork is preceded by a multitude of sensory, emotional and intellectual interactions. What happens if an exhibition is the first thing we are exposed to after waking up, when we have had little sensory activity and almost no interactions with our surroundings.
By moving the usual timeframe in which we look at art, the viewer has a slightly altered state of consciousness. Does this result in a different susceptibility, a different reflection on the works? Does it affect how we perceive the succeeding reality of a day?
The shown video works by Charlotte Dumas, Priscila Fernandes, Rosie Heinrich, Erica van Loon and Timmy van Zoelen each in their own way, could be connected to the above questions. At the same time they allowed for a broader reading, leaving scope for one’s own interpretation and for discussion at the breakfast table.
As the exhibition was only open in the early morning, from sunrise (around 5.20 AM), visitors were invited to see the video works before engaging in other activities. And indeed people took the effort to get up early; some of them even arrived earlier than the curator (or was she a performing artist?) who was racing the sun to get to the exhibition space every morning. Where she served breakfast, which stimulated visitors to reflect in dialogue.

During The Artist as The Curator as The Artist on 4 September, Erica van Loon will reflect on these mornings and how she links them to her artistic practice.

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