Thursday, 20.10.2016


2016 / 201610 / Lecture
Kadiatou Diallo / SPARCK
Kadiatou Diallo

SPARCK – Space for Pan-African Research, Creation and Knowledge - operates without a centre, physical or otherwise. It understands itself as a node in a network of likeminded practitioners stemming from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. These relationships are lateral and projects emerge through ongoing conversations. The results are collaborative experiments, rarely shown in white cube settings but rather tested in flexible approaches across multiple sites from street to studio to online. These incarnations are driven by a shared interest in tackling questions about the global urban condition. Re-readings and alternative knowledge is generated through a process of speculation. The politics intrinsic to the work and its creators do not only frame the content but, maybe more importantly, guide a practice of engagement.

Co-organized by Corner College and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating of ZHdK (as part of their series Talks on Curatorial Practice).

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